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Pasting and framing

Pasting and framing


Your photos can be adjusted as for their surface for the various structure. The surface of the classical glossy photo can be changed by the special UV foils into semi-glossy, matt or the canvas surface. The adjusted photo just like this is resistant against the mechanical damage, thanks to UV foil there is prolonged its servicelife, colourfasting and you can wipe the photos by a wet wiper. 


It is possible to stick the photos on the certain basis. As the basis we can offer you the classical HDF  plates, light foamboards or exclusive alluminium boards. There is used as a glue the special pH-neutral sticking foil. It is possible to frame up or adjust the adjusted photos also without the use of the frame with a special hanging-up system, which we can offer to our clients.


You can choose from more than 480 types of the alluminium frames NIELSEN and 1800 sorts of the wooden frames. There is also in our offering more than 90 kinds of pasparts and we provide their individual production under the requests of our client, as well. Never mind, if you want to have got our framing-up of your photo or the picture for your office, flat, firm or for an exhibition, you will find at our studio that right frame for sure.