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Scan • FTP • Calibration

Scan • FTP • Calibration


We offer our clients the chance of scanning by the professional scanner Hasselblad with the virtual drum. The optic distinguishing without the interpolation is 8000 dpi, density 4.8 Dmax. We can scan all the transparent formats from 35mm to 120x172 mm models and reflex models to the format A4. 


For your comfort we offer you the possibility of upload of your photos in the digital form in our FTP server. This service will save your time and it will get making of your photos quicker. This service is possible to be used also by the express orders and your photos can be made immediately after their delivery at the same day. For the making of FTP admittion fill out our Contact form with text „FTP connection required“ and also put down your contact data and telephone number.


So that our customers could get the maximum quality of their photos, we offer them the possibility of the monitor calibration. This process is done at the client´s place with the excellent calibration equipment Eye-One from GRETAGMACBETH. We can enable this way that the photos, that will be given us from you, will be the same as you adjusted them and there will be neccessary just minimum or no colour adjustment. We also offer the working up of ICC profiles for the various RGB and CMYK output equipments.